Thunder Add Scout in BC Area

by Mike Basile

The Delaware Thunder are proud to announce they have added British Columbia scout Brandon Cox. Cox is the co-owner/GM of the Kerry Park Islanders Junior Hockey Club in the VIJHL. Cox himself played defense in the  Central Hockey League and BCHL. CEO/President Charles F. Pens Sr. said, "The Delaware Thunder are excited to return to action. We want to bring a formidable team to the ice this season, Brandon helps us do so.  Cox is committed to moving players to the next level in the pro rankings. 

    I asked Cox what's the most important thing in a player to make it to the pro level. His response was, "Dedication by far. If you put in the work and the time, you have a good shot. Hockey is a marathon, not a sprint." The Delaware Thunder will be conducting a pro-free agent camp in the BC area on July 31st and August 1st, and I asked what can be expected from this group:  "A hungry group that will work hard and push themselves. There is a lot of skill here. It is a bit of an untapped market that needs to be seen." The Thunder are very happy to welcome Cox on board! The Delaware Thunder Offices will be open May 1st! #rollthunder